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A Life without astrology is very much like a journey without a road map; at times it can be exhilarating, at other times confusing. Astrology, the science of the stars, can give us insight into all fronts of life and all manners of situations, from the personal relationship, marital life, children, individual professional growth, financial growth, prosperities & properties, health & longevity of life, achievements, social to the political activities and from the most intimate to the most mundane.

Our complete mission is to provide benefits of ASTROLOGY, PALMISTRY, NUMEROLOGY, VAASTU, FENG SHUI & other SUPERNATURAL sciences where you will get much more than you expect. For All Type of Astrological Advises relating to the problems on all fronts of your life, like - Assessment of Financial Growth, Ups and Downs in Business, Profession, Problems Relating to the Health, Education, Suitability of Match Making & Married Life, Delay in Marriage, Choosing of a Proper Business Or Profession, Problems Related to Birth of Child, Suitability and Prosperity of a Rented Or Own Constructed House etc.

In This Service You will Get all solution of above problems From our celebrated Astrologers and can easily talk with them. Our Astrology team is trained and guided by renowned celebrity Astrologer Pt. Umashankar Shukla.

Key Features :-

Simple Navigation :

Users access Dial code 53300 and talk to Famous astrologers.

Helpdesk Availability  :

A dedicated access point has been created to assist users. This facility helps users subscribe to /unsubscribe from the application, manage alerts.

SMS alerts  :

SMS alerts are available for various content categories providing users with variety in offerings and an opportunity to customize.

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