Mobile Jockey is a Voice process platform, which enables to share emotions, and views live on-air. It is a Popular chat subjects such as Media Gossips, Current trends, Fashion, Marriage, Education & Food Recipe. Other categories include General topics, Friendship, Current events, Trends in Present Life, Personality Grooming, Movies & Music, Career & Household tips. It is a one-stop fashionable super market service for fun also. There are a lot of features available as part of the Fun-World package including love jokes, pranks, and many more fun filled options designed to suit the requirements of even the most discerning subscriber.

Key Features :-

Simple Navigation :

Users access Dial code 5330011 and talk to MJ (Mobile Jockey).

Helpdesk Availability  :

A dedicated access point has been created to assist users. This facility helps users subscribe to /unsubscribe from the application, manage alerts.

SMS alerts  :

SMS alerts are available for various content categories providing users with variety in offerings and an opportunity to customize.

Content validation  :

All content is uploaded after a strict quality monitoring process to check content fitness, application, adequacy, funniness, uniqueness and narration.

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