Customer Support

Call Centre is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone.

Customer Interaction Centre is a central point of any organization from which all customer contacts are managed. These services are managed with highly secured environment & in optimum efficiencies.

Customer Support
Our Strength: Automated Intelligent Call Routing

• Send Calls in the queue to the best agent based on any several different rules : Least busy, longest idle, round robin

• Program queue priorities to ensure that more urgent calls get answered first, Customize your on-hold escape options by queue to provide the best possible customer experience.

• Intelligent Call Routing is a term for routing done by software that attempts to identify the caller and direct them to an appropriate agent.

We Manage

• Inbound Call Center

• Outbound Call Center

• Telemarketing call center

• Phone Call Center

• Web Enabled Call Center

Logging and Monitoring


•We record calls with no end purpose other that to keep a record of conversation had over the phone and quality training purpose.

• Call logging is a valuable tool in the measuring of productivity and levels of incoming and outgoing calls traffic.


• It allows management to assess how individuals are performing and where improvements can be made by training them in specific areas.

• It helps to improve effectiveness of a company or call center ensuring that agents are able to deal with calls quickly and efficiently thereby enabling them to be more productive.

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